SHAH ALAM Sports Complex

Parking – 9032 bays.

Cell-system football pitch with Zoysia Matrella Grass.

2 full colour scoreboards: Omega & Mitsubishi.

8 lane, 400m synthetic Regupol track.

52 turnstiles of computerised ticketing system.

25m bowl shaped gas torch.

2 royal boxes with capacity of 56 people.

19 corporate boxes for lease to corporations.

Longest free standing arch in the world measuring 62m off the ground and covering 70 percent of the stadium.

Toilets – there are 384 cubicles, 329 urinals and 28 kiosks.

Spectators enter the stadium through 39 gates on the lower tiers and 18 gates on the upper tiers.

Located within the space frame, the main PA and sound system is made up of 14 ring clusters, producing 40,000 watts of power.

Competitors facilities include:

  • training areas
  • warm-up rooms
  • saunas
  •  toilets
  • showers
  • lockers
  • massage rooms
  • 2 relaxation pools
  • medical room
  • interview room

Officials will have their changing rooms, lockers, showers, toilets, anti-doping facilities, lounge administration board and official compartments. There are 7 commentary booths with facilities for Press reception, interview, television platforms, television monitor connection facilities, telephone booths, dark rooms, function rooms and bar. The Press box can seat 237 people.

  • Location Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Total area 270.000 sq.m, capacity 80.000 seats
  • Client Selangor State Government, Malaysia
  • Construction period 1990 - 1994
  • Type of service Construction