Energoprojekt Group

Energoprojekt was founded in 1951 in Belgrade, as a design and consulting company in the fields of energy and water management.

Since its foundation, this company has developed into a complex business system, comprising 11 companies in Serbia and more than 20 wholly owned or mixed-ownership companies abroad performing their business activities in over 20 countries all over the world, on four continents, in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

During six decades of its existence, Energoprojekt has become a leading contracting company in the Southeast Europe, offering a wide range of services in the fields of electric power generation, transmission and distribution, urban planning, building construction, infrastructure, water management, environmental protection, industry and information technologies.

Over the course of its long and successful history, Energoprojekt has developed and expanded its main activities and today they include: preparation of studies and analyses; research and development; consulting and engineering; design; construction; procurement, delivery, erection and commissioning of technical and process equipment; project management as well as turnkey project implementation.

Energoprojekt is an efficient and creative partner that successfully combines technical and process engineering knowledge, understanding of the characteristics of local markets, on the one side and extensive international experience on the other side.
All of this constitutes a solid foundation for a wide and comprehensive range of design and consultancy, contracting and engineering services rendered by Energoprojekt to its clients in the following types of projects:

  • Hydroelectric and thermal power plants,
  • Potable and waste water treatment plants,
  • Transmission lines, substations, distribution systems,
  • Heating substations, heating plants and gas pipelines,
  • Dams, water flow control systems,
  • Tunnels, roads,
  • Residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings,
  • Factories and production plants.

Projects successfully completed by Energoprojekt are the best recommendation for acquisition of new projects. As a reliable partner with extensive international experience, Energoprojekt has established successful cooperation with local and foreign partners in implementation of large-scale developments. This is why Energoprojekt has been ranked by Engineering News Record among top 200 international design firms and top 225 international contractors in the world.

Creative force of Energoprojekt consists of more than 2,200 employees. Professionalism, experience and knowledge of 1,000 engineers specializing in various fields and other highly specialised professionals have led to Energoprojekt becoming and remaining a strong and reliable company among the world’s best.

During the last six decades, ENERGOPROJEKT GROUP has designed and implemented complex projects in more than 70 companies throughout the world in the following fields:

  • energy management: 50 hydroelectric power plants, 34 thermal power plants, 15 combined heat and power plants, 20 heating plants and 34 district heating systems, more than 200 substations, several thousand kilometres of transmission lines and cable networks, more than 50 projects of rural electrification.
  • water management: 15 water treatment plants, 40 complex irrigation systems, more than 30 projects of water and river basin management, approx. 50 regional and industrial water supply and sewerage systems.
  • infrastructure: large number of underground structures, tunnels, roads, runways etc.
  • industry: around 200 of designed and almost 70 constructed industrial plants,
  • building construction: 10 conference centres, several hundred residential buildings, hospitals, administrative buildings, primary health centres, tourist and sports facilities.

Under the conditions of constantly growing competition, synergy of knowledge, business competence and experience supported by an impressive list of implemented projects and clients in Serbia and abroad constitutes the main advantage of Energoprojekt Group and a key to its success.