About us

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja is the largest company within Energoprojekt Group.

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja performs its activities in the spirit of the finest traditions of Energoprojekt Group based on the extensive experience acquired in the course of 60 years of existence and performance of business activities around the world.

O nama

Some of the principal fields of activity of Energoprojekt Visokogradnja constitute the basis of its development policy:

  • Turn-key projects;
  • Building design and construction;
  • Building construction, finishing, hydro-technical and other similar works as well as reconstruction, refurbishing, upgrading and extension of structures;
  • Feasibility studies and programs;
  • Survey and soil investigation;
  • Interior design and fit-out;
  • Erection and dismantling, services, maintenance and rehabilitation of industrial and other plants;
  • Engineering in building construction;
  • Construction supervision;
  • Construction consulting services,
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of completed structures;
  • Training of Client’s personnel, transfer of know-how, expertise.

Knowing that the conditions of modern international market demand the best professionals, our goal is to expand our business and professional rating through continuous professional development of our employees through permanent training program.

We have more than 800 employees of various profiles: engineers, architects, technicians and workers with extensive experience in building construction in the home country and abroad.

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja is a reliable partner with international experience that has adjusted it activities to market conditions. Following the principals of socially responsible activities and sustainable development, Energoprojekt Visokogradnja renders quality services to its clients and business partners, co-operators and society where it performs its activities.

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja has access to all resources of Energoprojekt Holding, manufacturers and financial institutions, all of which we bring together to form an unbeatable combination of skills and experience.