Winery and Leisure Area – JUKO Villa

Production zone occupies an area of approx. 3 ha surrounded by vineyard plantation (300 ha) and comprises the following facilities:

  • Winery with an area of 9.130 m2
  • Distillery with an area of 700 m2
  • Technical block with an area of 130 m2
  • Infrastructural facilities with an area of 730 m2

Winery building dominates the uninhabited space with its size and shape. Its production capacity has been designed and dimensioned to accommodate the production of 2,000,000 litres and storage of 3,350,000 litres of wine.

  • Location Saryagash, Kazakhstan
  • Total area 12.000 m2
  • Client TOO Caspian Food, Almati, Kazahstan
  • Comnstruction period 08/2010-06/2012
  • Type of service Turn-key