Presidency of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Presidential Office Building is highly representative residential building that represents Republic of Uzbekistan and its President in communication with the world. Total  area  of  the  building  is  5460 m2 . The  building was completed on 15th March 1999 for 6 (six) months in record time. Operational feature of the building was achieved through three main individual units, such as:

  • Representative    entrance   hall,   audience   rooms   and exclusive meeting rooms
  • Presidential offices and rest rooms
  • Pertinent premises and offices for employees.

Each of these individual units was designed with various degree of exclusiveness,  suitable for the purpose of determined area, but in such a way that all together make a harmonious complexity of the building’s interior.

The  facade  itself,  characterised  by  simple  and  strong geometric   shapes,    however   with  variety  of details. represents  a special undertaking  from technical viewpoint. This  is  a  ventilated  facade,  comprising  specially  sized stone  elements,   which are   so   designedto make impression of immensity,   representativeness and durability of the building.

Particular   elements    weighted   up  to  250  kg  each,   the elements  of  large  arches  being  formed  from  slabs  having over  2  m2   in  area.  Ripple  finish  of  principal  facade  was manually accomplished.

The size and luxurious  finishes  of entrance hall deserve special attention. First of all, these are extensive floor  areas,  cold  and  bright  in  combination   of  white  and green  marble  tiles;  ample  helical  stairs  with  wrought  iron gold plated rails and high shiny ceiling.

Finishes  and furnishing of the most luxurious premises is  based  on  application of  high-quality  natural  materials such as wood, gypsum,  natural stone and silk, the finishing of  which   was  in  a manner to  produce the  most representative appearance.

The  presence of  the  wood  is  noticeable in  the  vas t floor   areas   covered  with   inlaid   hardwood  strips ,  in various    wall   covering,   doors   which   are   unique   and s plendid  by   their    size,   in   simple  and   harmoniou s decoration and  finishing.

Ceilings are widely decorated with gypsum  and additionally  illuminated  at  places   where  crystal chandeliers  made according  to a specific orders and generally   out  of  standard   sizes   are  to  be  shown,   all together giving  impression  of discrete  luxury.

Walls, that is s ystem of columns, pilas ters and friezes are covered  with  natural  stone,  stuc,  , spatulatto”,   wooden lining  and  silk  wallpaper,  all  together  composed   with  elegance and  moderation. These are high-quality and pure fabric linings (curtains, draperies,  upholstery)  that  provide  special  charm  to  the premises, thus bringing together finishing of all rooms into harmonious  and  compact  units.  The  furniture  is  mostly unique, made according to special design and refined requirements of the Owner, ranking in grade of decoration pursuant to the importance of the room.

  • Location Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Total area 5.750 sq.m
  • Client Presidency of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Period izgradnje 10/1998-03/1999 (6 meseci)
  • Type of service Construction