Oil Depot with Tanks Pavlodar

Oil depot in Pavlodar occupies the area of 125,960 m2. Oil depot includes the following facilities:

  • tank farm of capacity 49,750 m3 for petroleum product storage, consisting of 40 steel tanks, out of which:
    • 6 tanks of volume 5.000 m³
    • 3 tanks of volume 3.000 m³
    • 2 tanks of volume 2.000 m³
    • 2 tanks of volume 1.000 m³
    • 8 tanks of volume 400 m³
    • 1 tank of volume 200 m³
    • 18 buried tanks of volume 75 m³
  • rail terminal for petroleum product loading and unloading with 14 oil loading points (terminal is fully provided with oil loading/unloading equipment with the possibility of petroleum product loading/unloading both from the top and the bottom of the rail car).
  • terminal for loading of petroleum products in tank trucks with 6 oil loading points. Each loading point is fully provided with tank truck loading equipment and loading rack.
  • petroleum product pump station with annual capacity of 446,358 t.
  • fire pump station.

The entire operation process in the oil depot (petroleum product quantity in tanks, their loading and unloading, fire safety) is automated and monitored at two control points.

  • Location Industrijski Reon, Kazahstan
  • Tanks volume 49.750 m3
  • Total area 55.750 sq.m
  • Client TOO HELIOS, Kazakhstan
  • Construction period 05/2010 - 06/2011
  • Type of service Reconstruction