Blue Center Office Building

“BLUE CENTER” Office Building is located at the corner of Mihaila Pupina Boulevard and Spanskih Boraca Street in Block 26 in Novi Beograd, a part of the central area of Novi Beograd, stretching from  the Palace of Serbia to the Beogradska Arena Sports Hall to the Railway Station in Novi Beograd. Today, this location is one of the most prestigious in Belgrade.

The Office Building has been designed as two independent units: Building A (aboveground net area 9.600 m2) and Building B (aboveground net area 23.150 m2) with shared underground area comprising two garage levels with 392 parking spaces. Each building consists of a ground floor, six floors, setback with roof terraces and mechanical room on the roof.

Main pedestrian access to the buildings is provided from the direction of Mihaila Pupina Boulevard and Spanskih Boraca Street, via diagonal pedestrian pathway between the two buildings. Functional connection between interior and exterior spaces is achieved with glazed entrance halls oriented towards the diagonal pedestrian pathway. All facilities on the ground floor level are provided with direct access  to pedestrian pathways around the building. Car access is provided from Spanskih Boraca Street via internal roads. 77 parking spaces have been provided on the ground level. 

Building space is mainly designed to be used for offices in combination with commercial facilities – retail units on the ground floor of the buildings. Office space is designed as an “open space”, so that parts of the buildings – “functional units” can be leased separately over the course of the useful life of the buildings, or combined and divided as per the needs of their prospective tenants.

Designed and constructed with adherence to international standards, this building is the first in Belgrade to meet the strict criteria of class A+ office buildings in terms of implemented technical solutions and installed material and equipment, such as natural lighting of office space, office ceiling height of 2.80 m, flexible design, raised floors in the office space, superior façade system with operable windows. This building is also designed to meet the needs of disabled people.

The building is equipped with high-quality utility services and systems. Heating and cooling is provided through four-pipe fan-coil system. Ventilation system uses only primary air distribution and all office spaces have natural ventilation as well.

Power is supplied through two substations, capacity 2x1000kVa (kilovolt-amperes) in building A and 2x1000kVa in building B. The buildings are also provided with secondary power sources – two electric diesel generators. Lighting system features state-of-the-art solutions with energy-efficient lighting. Building management system includes control, monitoring and optimization of all systems in the buildings.

The building is equipped with superior telecommunication and signalling systems with digital communication methods and sophisticated equipment: structured cabling system, intercom system, cable distribution system, public address system, emergency call system, synchronized clock system, fire alarm system, garage gas detection system, burglar alarm system, as well as access control and closed-circuit television systems. All systems are distributed and easily adjustable to the specific requirements of the individual user.

  • Location Belgrade, Serbia
  • Total area 50.700 sq.m
  • Client Blue Center, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Construction period 2007 - 2009
  • Type of service Turn-key