Sports Hall Igalo

Multi-purpose sports hall represents the first stage of construction of a sports and commercial complex in Igalo. The complex comprises the following facilities:

  • sports hall with associated facilities;
  • open-air courts adjacent to the sports hall;
  • small commercial centre;
  • tennis club with open air courts;
  • parking lot for cars and buses.

The hall of the sports centre is designated for the following activities: basketball, handball, volleyball and boxing. Aside from that, the hall is also intended for holding concerts and conferences. Depending on its use, the hall has capacity to accommodate 2,250 – 3,625 spectators.

The dimensions of the hall building are 51 x 60 m with height of 25 m at its highest point. The building is a reinforced concrete structure with arch roof steel structure and 55 m span. Court area is 1,780 m2, whereas the capacity of the spectator area is 1750 seats positioned only on one side of the court.

The building contains the following facilities: large hall, entrance hall   and communications with sanitary facilities, group and individual changing rooms, gym, medical room, administrative section with offices, control room, television broadcast facilities, commentary booths and auxiliary rooms.

Associated facilities

Sports centre contains the following open-air sports courts and associated facilities: polyvalent court for basketball and handball with spectator area, three open-air tennis courts with spectator areas and changing room, auxiliary tennis court, bocce court, accommodation facilities, canteen and electrical substation 10/0.4 kVa.

Open air sports courts

Three open-air clay tennis courts occupy the area of approximately 2000 m2 on the west side of the sports hall. Five rows of concrete tiers and a changing room are located adjacent to the courts. An auxiliary 670 m2 asphalt tennis court, a 970 m2 polyvalent court for basketball and handball and five rows of concrete tiers are located on the south side of the sports hall. Bocce court with asphalt surface occupies an area of 350 m2. The complex shall be completed by spring next year with a 1,000 m2 hotel for sportsmen accommodation with 70 bed capacity and a 500 m2  restaurant with 120 seats.

  • Location Montenegro
  • Total area 6.000 sq.m, capacity 3.000 seats
  • Client Municipality of Herceg Novi, Sc Igalo
  • Construction period 2005 - 2007
  • Type of service Turn-key