Senat Building

Senate building of the Republic of Uzbekistan was constructed in Tashkent during the period from March 2004 until January 2005 comprising execution of works on area of 31 000 m2 or 181, 417 m3. Establishment of the parliamentary system and reorganized form of jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan created a need for construction of one of the most representative edifices in terms of function and architectural requirements.

Situated on the central city square, this monumental structure made of white marble in neoclassical style resembles Ancient Greek Temples in Agora.  The building consists of three parts: a part which houses courtrooms, chambers of judges and other accompanying staff members, then a part designated for parliamentary administration and finally, central part with oval conference hall, entry foyer, VIP lounges and smaller meeting halls.

Structurally, the building has a skeleton construction system with stone façade, whereas interior partition walls are mostly removable enabling very flexible space exploitation in the future. Materials used for the finishings are exclusive, long-lasting and modern, mostly combinations of stone, wood, inox, spatulato, while suspended ceilings have highly demanding shapes.

Interior works on congress hall and meeting room areas as well as VIP and presiding judges’ chambers were performed as per special designs dominated by fine woodwork in solid wood, spatulato and decorative gypsum cornice.

Building architecture is refined by motives of local culture and history, transposed to macro and micro elements of processing and furnishing.


Highly demanding installation infrastructure complies with the strictest requirements of contemporary buildings.

  • Location Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Total area 30.000 sq.m
  • Client Capital Investment Directorate of Tashkent City Assembly, Uzbekistan
  • Construction period 03/2004-01/2005 (8 months)
  • Type of service Turn-key