Production Plant “KERUB” in Ub Municipality, Serbia

Production plant "KERUB"

The land where Kerub production plant has been constructed in located approx. 60 km south from Belgrade in a town Ub, along the regional asphalt road Belgrade-Obrenovac-Ub-Valjevo. Complex comprises cca. 8.8 ha of fenced land, out of which 5.45 ha is owned by Energoprojekt Visokogradnja, whereas the remainder is a government property where Energoprojekt Visokogradnja has a right of use (3.35ha).

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja has resolved all proprietary and legal relations with all legal entities and as a result of this owns 5ha 44a and 84m2 of land out of 8ha 80a 15m2. The remainder of land is still state-owned.

Specification of the property belonging to the Facility

(1) Production hall with total gross area of 6,593m2 and height of 20m, 10m and 7m. The following facilities are provided within the Building: electrical substation, compressor station, kitchen/restaurant, sanitary facilities with changing rooms, workshop and warehouse. Offices and test laboratory are located on the first floor;

(2) Complex of the fenced building land comprises an area of 8 ha 80 a 15m2, out of which 5 ha 44 a 84m2 is the property of Energoprojekt-Visokogradnja a.d, whereas the remainder of 3 ha 35 a 31 m2 is a government property where Energoprojekt-Visokogradnja has the right of use;

(3) all roads within the area of the Facility are asphalted (with a small parking lot) and connected to regional road Belgrade-Obrenovac-Ub-Valjevo;

(4) Ancillary buildings have also been constructed within the area of the Building: facilities for water heater and vaporization station of gas plant; semi-buried reinforced concrete tank with a volume of 200 m3 for process and fire water; fuel oil tank made of steel sheet (125m3); two underground reinforced-concrete tanks for sanitary and industrial sewer with a volume of approx. 10m3 each; reinforced-concrete tank for sedimentation prior to discharge of waste water into river basin; hydrophore facility above the well for process water;

(5) Above ground storage for propane and butane gases 2×150 m3 with accompanying plant;

(6) Electrical substation equipped with 2 transformers of 630 kVA each, high-voltage and low-voltage plant with condensing units (for reactive power compensation);

(7) Complex is provided with all required services:
– Process, potable and fire water with connection to public water supply system;
– Industrial and sanitary sewer;
– Butane and propane gas line with unloading point;
– Compressed air piping;
– Exterior and interior lighting and electric motor power supply system;
– Emergency electric motor power supply system;
– Fuel oil piping and heating system (for atomizer);
– Boiler room and heating system for kitchen/restaurant, offices and laboratory.


If you are interested in purchasing the property, please contact Department of Real Estate Sale of Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d. on the following telephone numbers:
011/310-15-92 or 011/310-15-94 for any additional information and setting the date for visiting the Facility and examining the property documentation.

You can also contact us via internet to the following e-mail address:

Proposals for purchasing the Facility and the building land owned by Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d. of buildings and land should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d. – Department of Real Estate Sales
12 Mihaila Pupina Boulevard, Belgrade 11070