STEP – Paper factory,  project development and reconstruction of production


Reconstruction and Extension of Paper Mill (Local name: LPK Syktyvkar)


Syktyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia. Site location: 25 km north from  Syktyvkar, town (suburb) Ezhva.


Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar, 2 Bumazhnikov Prospect, Russia. (Local company with owners from Austria and Sweden)


Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d, Belgrade, Serbia


SWECO, Stockholm, Sweden


Reconstruction and extension of Paper Mill (LPK): Civil and finishing works. The STEP Project is the first phase (Stage One) of LPK Development project amounting to approx. 600 million EUR, including Civil Works package (approx. 55 million EUR). Construction period was 21 months (19 months for contracted works, plus two months for additional works).


The project is called STEP project and is designed to increase the pulp production of the Syktyvkar mill by 190,000 ton per year, and the production of paper and board by 100,000 ton per year to a total production of 1,000,000 ton per year.

The scope of project works is divided into:

Greenfield areas (new buildings)

  • 2 wood handling lines
  • 1 recovery boiler 4.000t/dds, 92bar
  • 1 steam turbine 100MW
  • 2 cooling towers
  • 1 evaporation line 560m3/hr
  • 1 white liquor plant with lime kiln 700t/day
  • 1 pulp dryer 60,000t/a (new equipment, existing building)

Upgrading works in existing mill

  • Fibre line
  • Paper machine 14
  • Board machine 21
  • Recausticizing
  • Evaporation lines 1-3

New and upgrading of infrastructure and balance of plant


The project comprises 11 buildings (at five locations/sites) plus external works (infrastructure, external services, etc.). Works also include reconstruction of six buildings. In addition to this, the unspecified works have been estimated on a daywork basis.Total area: 30,000m2 (closed area), 60,000m2 (open area), 5,000m2 (reconstruction). Main types of work are the following:

Piling: Driven precast concrete pile (300/300mm, 12 long), total lenght 29,700m / Bored and poured piles (Dia 360mm, 16/21m long), total lenght 33,500

Earthworks: Excavation approx. 310,500m3 / Backfill approx. 239,500m3

Concrete and reinforced concrete (incl. precast concrete): 53,000m3

Reinforcement: approx. 5,000t

Steel structure (including silo foundations): 1,500t

Offices, auxiliary rooms (without electricity and HVAC): 3,000m2


Different buildings have different structural systems: (1) Cast-in-situ Reinforced Concrete (RC) structure, (2) RC/steel structure, (3) RC/Pre-cast concrete structure, (4) Steel structure (Woodroom and partly Evaporation and Fibre line buildings). RC skeleton is composed of RC solid slabs supported with columns and walls. Foundations: Piles and raft foundation under walls and columns. Additional steel element`s structure (supports bearings for heavy equipment, platforms, stairs, floors, escape ladders, roofing, etc.) has been carried out on six buildings.


Walls: Exterior façade thermally-insulated panels, sheet metal and flashing.

Roof: Roof cover of galvanized steel sheets with thermal insulation (200mm thick).

Façade: Metal doors, aluminum windows, precast concrete  walls 150mm thick, cladding – corrugated metal panels, thermal insulation 140mm,

Floors: Dust-binding paint over concrete floors, epoxy floor coating, ceramic tiles for offices.

Interior walls: Plastering of concrete block walls, plastering and two- layer painting.

Suspended ceiling: installed in offices and auxiliary rooms, total area approx. 2,600m2.

Other works: Waterproofing, steel fireproof doors, security roller grilles, metal fences.

  • Location Syktyvkar, Russia
  • Client OAO Mondi, Syktyvkar, RF
  • Construction period 04/2008-01/2010
  • Type of service Construction works, infrastructure and external works