Schlumberger Oilfield Services Facility

Scope of the Works:

Total lot of the Base 60.000 m2, consisting of the following:

  • Buildings area 11.270 m2
  • Concrete open storage areas and parking 34.970 m2
  • Pedestrian precinct made of interlocking 1.270 m2
  • Non-metallic area 1.040 m2
  • TGP area filled with gravel 9.110 m2
  • Greenery area 2.675 m2

Following works were contracted and completed:

  • Earthworks
  • Concrete and masonry works
  • Waterproofing works
  • Structural steel works (load bearing steel frames on RC footings)
  • Roofing and façade cladding with sandwich panels
  • Installation of external and internal doors and windows and glazed partitions
  • Interior partitions and walls
  • Finishing works (tiling, epoxy paint on floors, hardened concrete, painting, suspended ceilings, railings etc.)
  • Mechanical works (potable water supply system, sewerage and drainage system and firefighting system – sprinkler system and fire hydrant system)
  • Electrical works (earthing system, lighting, middle voltage system, low voltage system, installation of distribution boards, sockets and switches, power supply of all the systems, fire alarm system (smoke detectors, heat sensors, manual sensors, gas firefighting system, light and sound devices with alarming system) and systems for automatic operation of HVAC systems)
  • HVAC works (air conditioning systems (VRV systems, split systems), ventilation system (chiller, air-handling units, roof fans, deflectors, axial fans, circular fans, wall mounting fans), heating system (hot water supply system with heating sub-station, electrical radiators) and compressed air system)
  • Special equipment (12 electrically driven overhead cranes of load capacity of 3-10 t and 2 overhead cranes driven on compressed air of load capacity of 3 t and pump equipment for water reservoirs 900 m3 of total volume: firefighting pumps (main, jockey, circulation pumps), water supply pumps (main, circulation pumps) and drainage pumps with electrical panels for automatic operation))
  • Outdoor utilities and network systems (external sewerage lines, external potable water supply lines, external rain water drainage lines, external firefighting network, external earthing system, external lighting system, external power supply lines, external compressed air lines, external hot water supply system, external sump pits)
  • Open storage areas, roads and parking made of reinforced concrete, marking of roads, traffic signs, speed bumps, parking bumpers
  • Pedestrian precincts made of interlocking
  • Workmanship of as-built drawings
  • Obtaining construction permit, obtaining permit for operational usage of facility
  • Total area: 60.000 m2
  • Client Schlumberger Logelco Inc.
  • Construction period 08/2010-10/2012